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Hi, I'm Rebecca! I help women use technology to streamline their businesses.

After 20 years in the tech industry, I wanted to make more of an impact in the world.  Combining my love of organizing and technology, I founded Online & Organized to provide tech support FOR women BY women.

Our goal is to help women business owners conquer their fears, concerns, and frustrations with using technology and online tools in their business.


What Clients Are Saying

"Rebecca helped me transform my disorganized systems in so many amazing ways! I finally have a handle on things that gave me underlying stress for years. I was embarrassed about the mess my paperwork had become. But Rebecca made me feel so comfortable and reassured that it could be pulled together and put on track. Best of all, she was with me through the process of getting started, which really was the hardest part.  Now, I have such easy systems to keep me on top of my important and non-important documents as they come in...All of these things, along with Rebecca's support and knowledgeable tips and guidance have helped get me to a point where I finally feel like I have conquered that paperwork monster the stress it once gave me."

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Shannon M.

"Learning the ins and outs of social media platforms can be daunting--especially for the creator and business owner who is already struggling to manage time and resources. I hit a brick wall while trying to connect my product catalog to platforms where I could promote my art. Rebecca came highly recommended to me as a technical expert who could untangle issues I simply did not understand. She listened intently to the problems I was grappling with and not only helped me solve them, but also educated me on how to address similar issues on my own in the future. I most sincerely appreciate her expertise and professionalism and would not hesitate to work with her again!"

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Lori N.

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